Lucille B. saves between $150 and $250 a month.

I have no health insurance and have found the card to be very beneficial. My friend told me about it and between all of my medications I save $150 to $250 a month. I got my daughter to use the card and now she saves $12/month. She is very pleased with it, and thinks it has been a blessing.

Tina Saved Over 36% on her prescription!

Tina, a new US Discount Drug Program member, went to her pharmacy to have a prescription filled but forgot her card. She paid $27.64 for her prescription. She received the follow-up courtesy call from a US Discount Drug Program Customer Care Specialist, who advised her to contact the pharmacy and ask them to resubmit the prescription information. Tina did this, and the pharmacy was able to refund $10.61, which lowered her prescription cost to $17.03

Carol Saved $2400 on the price of her new dentures!

Carol needed new dentures, and found that the cost made it difficult for her to afford them on her fixed income. Her dentist quoted a price of $4,400 and if she wanted them quickly, $4,800. She was going to postpone getting dentures, even though she could no longer eat properly, and a family member recommended HealthTrans Access.